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Abu Dhabi's Land Registry

Transformation of 
Abu Dhabi's Land Registry

Abu Dhabi is a wealthy city with modern architectural wonders, and the government of Abu Dhabi has proposed a blockchain-based system to streamline the land deed process. This system eliminates document-sharing friction between external stakeholders and internal municipal departments, allowing for digital sharing or viewing of deeds with other companies, agencies, and citizens.

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Property ownership involves multiple stakeholders, such as owners, banks, secondary buyers, and government departments. Since all of these parties require access to land documents to edit and expand on, the current paper-based system can lead to unintentional errors or confusion due to a single change in data causing a chain reaction of updates.

The team leveraged distributed ledger technology to create an immutable record system that ensures data accuracy and integrity while reducing labor costs. Hyperledger Fabric was chosen to ensure security due to the sensitive nature of personal information stored in this land registry system.

Blockchain technology provides end-to-end security in transit and at rest for citizens' data, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. This deployment has provided greater transparency in real estate transactions, allowing citizens to access property records quickly and without expensive fees.


About the Solution: Hyperledger Private Blockchain

Hyperledger Private Blockchain is an innovative technology that provides businesses with a secure, distributed ledger system. With Hyperledger Private Blockchain, businesses can create their private blockchain networks and securely store their data in the distributed ledger. This technology eliminates the need for centralized servers and makes it possible to maintain secure, private data on the network

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