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Kiva - Identity management

Approximately 1.7 billion unbanked adults worldwide have limited access to financial services, creating a cycle of poverty restricting vulnerable populations' access to traditional banking resources. Kiva Protocol has been developed to provide universal access to financial services, providing fast and inexpensive identity verification for citizens in countries like Sierra Leone with high levels of unbanking (80%).

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The Kiva Protocol is a blockchain-based solution that enables citizens in Sierra Leone to perform electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) verifications quickly with just their national ID number and fingerprint.

This protocol allows the nation’s unbanked population to open savings accounts, join the formally banked population, create a digital identity, gather transactional information in a secure environment, provide transparency over stored data, and create credit histories.

This makes it easier for unbanked populations to access digital identity while allowing informal sector members to share their credit history with banks using biometric authentication for citizen data protection and access by using their national ID cards.


Hyperledger Private Blockchain

Hyperledger Private Blockchain is an innovative technology that provides businesses with a secure, distributed ledger system. With Hyperledger Private Blockchain, businesses can create their private blockchain networks and securely store their data in the distributed ledger. This technology eliminates the need for centralized servers and makes it possible to maintain secure, private data on the network.

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