Aramco is one of the world's largest integrated energy and chemicals companies. It creates value across the hydrocarbon chain, providing economic benefits to people around the globe who rely on its vital energy supplies. Aramco delivers societal and economic benefits to communities all over the world.

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Saudi Aramco is the world's largest Oil & Gas company. It has a complex procurement and payment system involving hundreds of suppliers across thousands of services and orders. ERP technologies have been implemented to help manage these tasks, but delays or disputes still arise from its procurement cycles.

Saudi Aramco developed a Hyperledger Fabric-Based Procure to Pay platform to address long-standing issues, discrepancies, and inefficiencies. The company has implemented Blockchain technology for all its operations to resolve complexities.

Smart contracts are used by the Blockchain system, which allows faster reconciliation of activities, reducing the time taken for reconciliations. Using Hyperledger Fabric and smart contracts, contractual terms become enforceable with a distributed ledger that enables parties to share real-time information.


About the Solution: Hyperledger Private Blockchain

Hyperledger Private Blockchain is an innovative technology that provides businesses with a secure, distributed ledger system. With Hyperledger Private Blockchain, businesses can create their private blockchain networks and securely store their data in the distributed ledger. This technology eliminates the need for centralized servers and makes it possible to maintain secure, private data on the network.

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